-1000 calories a day - Hungry and no shit - Any tips?

-1000 calories a day – Hungry and no shit – Any tips?


I am on my fifth day at -1000 calories. 107 kg (236 pounds) light exercise, tired and hungry.

Meals 7PM – Breakfast 2 dl oatmeal cooked with 4dl water and blueberries with milk.

12PM -Lunch 230 gr of beans with beetroot, tomatoes, garlic

3PM – One boiled egg

5 PM Dinner One plate of what ever the family is having.

7PM Yoghurt 3dl with muesli

I haven’t taken a shit in 5 days and getting tired. But I feel more a live. Help please. Any tips?

EDIT: 3000 cals out, 2000 cals in = -1000 cal

7 thoughts on “-1000 calories a day – Hungry and no shit – Any tips?

  1. I’m not sure how you feel more Alive if feeling tired unless you are talking about the feeling of taking action and being motivated by your extreme weight loss plan.

    Honestly, I know it’s tempting to just do a big extreme diet to capitalise on that feeling but unless you are extremely short and bedridden that’s probably too little food and slower and more achievable will work better no doubt.

  2. I think your body might still be adjusting. Make sure you’re getting enough protein and healthy fats. And water! If it doesn’t get better then maybe consider increasing your calories to 1300 or so. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Hunger is part of the process BUT. First add snacks, after that try more high volume food. Instead of eggs try egg white. Add spinach on everything. High fibre food and protein tend to keep you full longer. Also at your size you shouldn’t really aim for more than losing a pound a week other than that probably losing muscle. If you are losing more than that ON AVERAGE weekly I would get the calories up a bit.

  4. Try more protein and veggies (raw or grilled) as they give you a fulfilling feeling, reducing carbs (even if the carbs are within your CICO rates) as they tend to make you crave or want more. Maybe also balance out your calories to include more snacks (hummus, veggie crudités , a fruit etc)

  5. I have real hunger that sneaks up on me. I think my blood sugar drops a bit low at times and all of a sudden I’m shaking, sweating, and hangry! It usually only happens if I am not eating regularly because I have learned to be a grazer and eat about 5 times a day to avoid this unpleasant feeling.

  6. I have a huge appetite and used to consume 2k-3k calories per day. Then I decided to start cutting to 1500 calories per day. This is what I did:

    Avoiding junk food. Otherwise I would eat entire bags of chips in one sitting.

    Quest Bars (20-21g protein, 2g sugar, 180 calories, etc.) are a godsend. Same with Optimum Nutrition whey protein powder.

    If quest bars and protein are too pricey, plain greek yogurt (20-21g protein, 1-3g sugar, 120-140cal per cup/serving) is great. I would put frozen berries in my yogurt.

    Beverages: Coffee, tea, water. The occasional bubble tea or smoothie.

    Lean meats: Chicken, turkey, etc.

    Carb cycling: Eating lots of carbs on workout days. However, I sometimes eat more carbs before a study session.

    Calculate your macros while eating at a caloric deficit – For example, I try to eat at most 1500 calories each day, while maintaining the macronutrients that I need for gaining muscle. Every now and then I’ll have cheat days.

    If I get super hungry, I’ll just eat lots of veggies and fruit.

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