How can I build a bulletproof back?

How can I build a bulletproof back?


I’m 36 and my back has become my clear weak link. My dad suffered through multiple disc issues around this age. I remember him essentially laying on his back for months and do not want to suffer a similar fate.

Does anyone have any advice on how can I train my back, starting small and building up, to be strong and safe for the long haul?

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  1. I started lifting at roughly your age in order to recover from a back injury and prevent them. I laid on the floor for a month. I only did/do compound lifts.

    Squatting regularly for several months, and slowly incorporating bent over barbell rows, followed by incorporating deadlifts, dramatically helped recover from my back problems. That and stretching by touching my toes for 30 seconds a couple times a day.

    It’s sounds silly maybe stupid, but worked great. Each workout provided more and more relief. And in 3 years got me squatting and deadlifting over twice my bodyweight.

  2. I am also 36 with a history of back issues. Here’s what helped me. Do lots of core work, got myself a Roman chair and do back extensions, yoga, chiropractor twice a month, and deadlifts but only once a week and I don’t go super heavy any more. Instead I do more reps and I take my time and concentrate on my movement.

  3. Kettlebells are fantastic for the posterior chain. Cleans, swings, deadlifts. I’ve incorporated KBs into my routine the past 3-4 years and my back is my strongest area.

  4. You want a strong, muscular back?

    Your foundation is the deadlift.

    Start with a relatively light loads which you can do for 5 reps with PERFECT form. I’m talking a spine that’s as straight as a arrow. There will be time for some form degradation later, but it’s not now.

    You done deadlifting for five reps? Cool. Do another set. You’re going to be doing 3 sets of 5 on deadlifts until you can’t make 5 pound jumps week over week anymore. You may rest up to five minutes between sets.

    Done with deadlifts? Now you’re going to do barbell rows.

    Bend at the waist and let the plates touch the ground. Keep your hands at about shoulder width. Now pull the barbell into your chest. Control it on the way down. Can’t feel it in your back? Get lighter weight until you can.

  5. Resistance band pull apart. A great exercise to kick off your back workout, the resistance band pull apart is simple but effective.
    Quadruped dumbbell row.
    Lat pulldown.
    Wide dumbbell row.
    Barbell deadlift.
    ‘Good morning’
    Single-arm dumbbell row.

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