How can I make exercise not be so awful?

How can I make exercise not be so awful?


I’m someone in a slump in terms of my physical appearance, and I’ve decided I really want to change things. For about a week I’ve been going to the effort to work, get more fit, eat better, the lot

However I’ve never done anything so awful and I need to know how I can make it more fun / worthwhile. The act of exercising feels dreadful. Tired, hot, sweaty, in pain with a burning sensation that makes me never want to exercise again. The breathlessness is god awful, and I feel like quitting 24/7. After the workout, I feel sick and extremely depressed / sad, there’s no high or sense of happiness people talk about, just sadness and pain

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  1. Is this cardio? Stop doing this. Start walking and/or doing stuff that is just a little tougher, and a little tougher and increase that intensity as you adapt. Going from out of shape to training like an athlete overnight is a recipe for quitting.

  2. I stopped working out for 6 years after being pretty fit in high school/college. I turned to flab. It’s only been two months and the improvements are very noticable. The first month was a huge ego test because I was lifting tiny ass weights lol. If you keep at it you WILL progress and get addicted to the progress. It’s really just the first month that’s a little depressing because “I want to look good now!” but as soon as you get over that hump you won’t want to stop. Just be sure to compare yourself to the previous you, and not the people at the gym that have been working out for years. I guarantee most of them started out in a similar place as you, the only difference is time put in.

  3. I have found that the only exercise which works for me is that which serves a purpose and/or is fun. I’ve been mountain biking like crazy and it’s the first time I’ve consistently exercised in my whole life. For a while I was coming home and hitting a heavy bag after my rides for a sort of upper body bonus. My buddy and I started cutting in new mountain bike trails and I try to utilize hand tools as much as possible for exercise. Chopping wood is exercise if you have purpose for that. Try to find something that you enjoy, is my advice. 👍

    Thinking more about this I also seem to have found a few things I like and change them up. Could be another approach.

  4. Might be too specific, but check out indoor rock climbing/ bouldering. The community is really nice and supportive, you’ll meet people who shy away from “traditional” forms of exercise, and it’s good for your brain! It’s like solving puzzles with your whole body.

    And, as a bonus, you’ll get really fit!

  5. This might sound really annoying to you, but, have you tried being ok with hating it?

    I could be wrong, but it sounds like you’re trying to make yourself do 2 things at the moment both exercising and enjoying it.

    Which is honestly a HUGE ask if you’re not a sporty person (yet?). Like even when you manage to do something active your mind still goes ‘I failed, because I didn’t enjoy it’.

    When you deserve to feel like: “I did the crappy thing I’M THE FUCKING KING/QUEEN, LOOK AT ME CRUSHING THIS SHIT”.

    So approach it as anything else you hate, do small manageable bits that don’t make you feel like NEVER wanting to repeat it, or get it over with in one go for the week (whatever works best for you).

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