How to get abs and lose love handles

How to get abs and lose love handles


I have an issue losing my love handles and getting abs. I’m not souly going for some jacked body, a surfer type body would be fine for me. I just can’t seem to lose the stomach, especially the lower part, creating a muffin top whenever I put on real pants. I’m tired of my gut showing through my shirt and I’m tired the love handles. If we are talking food, I am on a budget. I’m skinny fat currently and at a healthy weight for someone my age, I just have a dad bod.

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  1. You need to get into a caloric deficit or increase your overall activity level: doing more cardio/working out.

    Getting abs is all about nutrition, but also you need to have some conditioning and muscle development to have them show. Keep in mind, genetics is also in play.

  2. Unfortunately, exercise alone will not get rid of love handles. Studies have shown that abdominal resistance training does not reduce belly fat or slim the waistline more than diet alone. Diet plus exercise works best to reduce love handles.

  3. Love handles are the waist, and this is one of the first areas to be affected by your weight. You need to diet effectively. Type in CLEAN EATING and read the many results that will show up.

  4. Fat loss from a calorie deficit.

    Muscle growth could help build a good muscle profile underneath the fat and make you look better when you lose fat.

    At the end of the day calorie deficits are only achievable when you consume less calories than you expend, the deficit can be made through restricting calorie intake and increasing exercise.

    Although you’ve asked how to get rid of love handles fast, it’s best to undergo fat loss gradually as if you have too large of a calorie deficit your metabolism can be tanked, and you might not be getting enough nutrients as you’re not eating enough, in a similar way keep the deficit simple at first. You don’t want to do tons of cardio whilst you eat a lot less than before and then find yourself in a scenario where you can’t push through a fat loss plateau (which will happen when your body adapts to the new calorie intake/expenditure).

    Keep things slow and healthy, I’d recommend starting weight training too as the muscle growth will make you look better and will also increase the amount of calories you can consume.

  5. You can’t target specific area of body and lose fat from there only. Start doing weight training and HIIT cardio . Eat good and according to your daily activity.

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