37M need advice !

37M need advice !


Feeling absolutely sluggish while working out. As soon as I do one set I feel dizzy, tired and anxious. I’ve been using a cheststrap to monitor my heartrate and I thought it looked normal, what do you guys think ? The first one is from doing chest and biceps . The second one is from doing legs (like squats, etc. — but not even that heavy compared to what I was used to do).

A single set of 8 reps of 25lbs biceps curl will send my heart racing 160bpm, and on the brink of collapsing. I don’t understand how and where this is coming from. I’m well fed, I drink water, my sleep is decent — no idea what’s going on. Doctor says my ECG looked fine & my general examination turned out okay.

Any thoughts ?

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  1. Since you mentioned anxiety disorder, try to introspect if something about the environment is triggering it to spike. What is your joy-factor while working out?

    Check if you are enjoying your gym environment or worried about things like – hitting today’s workout goals, someone occupying the bench just before you start or some other distraction.

    If so, consider dialing down your weights/sets/workout plan to ridiculously easy levels until you’ve successful workout and walk out with a good feeling for few days. After few victories under your belt, you can ramp up the intensity.

  2. Are you getting a proper warm up before you start lifting weights? I notice that my heart will beat faster and feel harder beats my first few sets if I go in without a warm up. I like to just use a stationary bike for 7-10 minutes before hand to slowly bring my heart rate up before lifting and that helps out.

    Only reason I’m saying this is that you commented riding a bike this doesn’t happen, and I’m assuming when you ride you don’t just start out at an all out sprint.

  3. Did you have COVID? Because after COVID I felt like total shit for a year. I just read where you said you never had it. Are you sure you never had it, and were just maybe asymptomatic?

  4. Occasionally feeling a little slow and sleepy during your regular exercise routine is normal. However, if you struggle with muscle fatigue regularly, it might be time to change up your fitness habits. The most common reasons for sluggishness include your diet, sleeping patterns, and overall exercise patterns.

  5. You did not mention what kind of work-out. Is it working out with weight machines? Is it working out on a treadmill? Generally speaking a workout should be fun to do with occasional exertion, but not to the point where you feel exhaustion. When you feel exhaustion, you are overdoing the exercise and you should use settings on the weight machines that involve 10 to 20% less weights. Or in the case of a treadmill, adjust the slope downwards and the speed of the treadmill downwards. If you use both treadmill and weight machines adjust both downwards.

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