Hello, I'm going to start doing workouts, and I only have dumbells and arm weights.

Hello, I’m going to start doing workouts, and I only have dumbells and arm weights.


I am a 14 year old who is 43 kilos, I am 161 cm tall, I’m around 16% body fat, and I’m planning to work out. I am pretty limited in diet, but I have asked multiple people, and they think it’s fine. I rarely eat anything sweet, and I get a soda every 3 months or something (very rarely). I will volunteer to do up to 25 minutes workout in one go, and maybe 40 minutes in a day. I can’t even bend my arms 45 degrees when trying to do a pull up. Maybe around 25 degrees. So as you might already tell, I’m pretty weak, and I aim higher. I’m very bad at push-ups, but I have good endurance. I’m mostly looking for good arm strength, so you can see a shape coming out of the arm when putting pressure, and a good enough ‘Beach Body’. Now also, don’t get me wrong. I am athletic, in the way I play some sports like tennis, jog and skate, I’m just weak, and I really need muscle. Can anyone give me a workout plan?

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  1. Age may play some what of a factor in this because some kids aren’t able to pack on muscle as easily as others or as adults can. But if you’re trying to bulk up typically you do weights that are near your max limit to do a working set to near failure. From there eating enough calories to put you into a surplus and making sure you have enough protein will be the main key to building and bulking. But as said before age does play a part in this as you may not have as much testosterone to aid you in it.

  2. Hi,

    You can use these exercises,

    D/B Bicep Curls
    D/B Behind The Head Tricep Extension
    D/B Hammer Curls
    D/B Incline Bicep Curls
    D/B Tricep Kickbacks
    D/B Concentration Curls

    Hope that Helps ! Cheers !

  3. I’m curious, why do you want to just use dumbells? Lots of other ways to build those arms, including dumbells. You might want to look into HIIT strength training. You’d get the best of both worlds. Just keep in mind that muscle is more dense than fat so don’t be surprised that your weight goes up as you build more muscle. Gaining weight is not a bad thing if you are gaing muscle and burning fat.

  4. Frankly you’re better off with more load or resorting to calisthenics.

    I know people hate honesty but that’s just being honest.

    5 lbs is very little load to create any of the 3 necessary things for muscle growth:

    Mechanical tension
    Muscle Damage
    Metabolic Stress

    Except in very rare instances where you’re challenging very small muscle groups that are responsible more for stability than they have a propensity for hypertrophy (aka muscle growth). 5 lbs might be enough to make deltoids grow or your rotator cuff grow, maybe even enough to train deep deep hip musculature.

    For 99% of people though, those aren’t the muscle you want to build to impress other people with.

    Every single one of my female clients (I’m talking less than 100 lbs) can curl 5 lbs for reps (like 15+ easy) from day one. They can press that weight for days, they can row that weight for days. It’s just not that challenging a weight to actually build muscle with, let alone create a training effect with in the majority of the population. Despite the bullshit you may or may not have heard Tracy Anderson drop idiot bombs about.

    So yes, you can build muscle using lighter loads and higher repetitions (taken to failure) but 5 lbs is a stretch for most muscle groups, it’s just too light.

    Start adding load, or start learning how to train with your bodyweight to your advantage (it’s complicated because you have to understand levers but will be more effective than 5 lbs weights) because 5 lbs probably won’t cut it unless you’re doing rehab.

    Don’t get me wrong, 5 lbs isn’t completely useless. It’s better than nothing, but progressive overload is better.

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