Not sure if I should stop cutting weight and now bulk?

Not sure if I should stop cutting weight and now bulk?


Bit of my back story. Broke up with my girlfriend of 19 years in February, which meant also only see my kids once a week. So decided wanted to get into fitness to keep my mind busy.

I wanted a goal to finally see my abs and get a good body overall. Now I know it can take months/years and am fully prepared for that, yet 5 months in I am unsure what to do now.

I am 5’9, 39 years old and started out at 181lbs. Today I am currently at 165lbs, which is averaging around 1lbs a week loss, which I aimed for through a calorie deficit diet and working out daily.

My work (mon-friday) involves me walking on average 3/5 miles a day, which is my cardio workout and then every night without fail I do a workout at home. I have dumbbells and a workout bench. One day I’ll do arms, then shoulders, chest ect. Also include abs exercises as well.

Despite losing weight I now feel skinny and no closer to seeing my abs and worry my muscle mass is being affected to. Should I carry on cutting or now start to lean bulk? Sorry I am complete beginner at this. Have posted pics of my body today to show where I am.

Edit – Currently having around 2000 calories a day. Making sure I get at least 180g of protein as well, most days I manage over 200g.

Not sure if I should stop cutting weight and now bulk?


4 thoughts on “Not sure if I should stop cutting weight and now bulk?

  1. You don’t really have any muscle mass to cut to, you’ve done a great job losing what you have lost, but your just get skinnier.

    Do a lean bulk 2-300 calories above, Work out your tdee using a TDEE calculator, use that as a guide and adjust as you go as they aren’t 100% but it’s a good starting point. (Or use your knowledge of what you have lost on 2000 calories and adjust to put on weight)

    Also get on a good lifting program.

  2. You haven’t mentioned your height, but am a similar age, 5’11, luckily no relationship break down for me, just realising my weight was heading the wrong way as I hit 40.

    170lbs New year day was my trigger. Started watching what I eat seriously, not calorie counting but equally aware of needing to be in an deficit.

    I’ve doing 20-30 minute upper body strength program on Peloton x3 per week, core training 10-15 minutes nearly every day, and cardio via commuting to work on the bike/Peloton bike sessions.

    Am now 153lbs, and not interested in losing any more, though if I got to 150lbs I recon the mythical ‘six pack’ might start to make an appearance! My resting HR is now just over 40, so at 40, I recon am physically fitter and leaner than I was 20 :).

  3. You need to stick to something for 4-5 months, like you have done with cutting the weight, you need to do the same now with gaining, and just accept you will get some fat gain too. But when you cut again you’ll be cutting to a better frame, in time.

    Just doing it for 1-2 months then cutting again won’t do too much, you’ll still get there in the end, but will be a slower process. Just depends on what you are happy with however.

  4. You should bulk first if you are skinny fat. A 10% caloric surplus is optimal to build muscle while ensuring you don’t put on a lot of excess body fat. Stay in a surplus for a minimum of 4 months and then begin a slow, gradual cut.

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