Novice in need of advice. Do I keep going or skip a day?

Novice in need of advice. Do I keep going or skip a day?


Hi friends. Sorry, I am a noob and don’t know much about fitness yet. I haven’t worked out since high school, until now. I am on day three of a five day fitness routine. I can barely walk my legs hurt so bad. Do I continue with day three or do I skip a day? I’m afraid if I start skipping days I will slide into never working out again. I’m not sure if I will injure myself trying to power through. Or do I look for some kind of easy routine for today? For reference, I am 35 years old and had a baby a year ago.

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  1. If you have actual genuine concerns about being injured, you should seek medical attention but as long as you’re just feeling soreness and not actually injured, you should work out. You’ll feel better for it.

    In the interim, DOMS can be alleviated somewhat by other stuff that brings more blood to the area, like topical heat, massage, stretching, and so on. OTC painkillers can help with the soreness but will usually not help with stiffness.

  2. If it makes you feel better, consider it a rest day, not skipping. Skipping a day is Ok, in any case. You are a parent of a young child, give yourself the grace of some flexibility. Personally, I find a nice walk is good for recovery. Maybe do that if you’re up to it and want to keep momentum going. Powering through at this stage will just lead to burnout or injury as you say. One day will not kill your momentum. You got this.

  3. Do a light workout where you repeat some of the motions that made your legs sore in your previous workouts. It will take some time for your legs to not be sore but they won’t ever be this sore again if you regularly work out.

  4. A well thought out , properly performed program will leave someone new to fitness feeling some soreness ( which lessens with time and you can suck up).

    It will not leave you on the brink of crippled and feeling like this.

    I’m hoping you went in to this considering , addressing and engaging in the additional recovery needs your body would be experiencing.

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