Passive ways to incorporate fitness into daily life

Passive ways to incorporate fitness into daily life


TLDR: what are small steps/passive methods you’ve taken to incorporate fitness into your daily life?

Hi everyone! I’m currently in an accelerated grad program which involves classes 8-5, then studying afterwards cause we have multiple tests every week. Basically I don’t think I’ve ever had this level of a jam packed schedule where so much time is spent being sedentary.

I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate fitness into my life that are very passive and just little add ins.Any advice on small steps you take to be healthier?

Example from my end: parking further to get extra steps in, taking my study material on walks, eating salads during lunches, etc.

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  1. Unless I’m in a big rush to get where I need to, I never take the elevator. Always the stairs.

  2. I always park in the back of any parking lot I’m at. Get some more steps in, and reduce my chance of door dingers. Win/win.

  3. I’m with you but that’s because the elevator is always slower for less than 5 floors.

  4. I’m with you but that’s because the elevator is always slower for less than 5 floors.

  5. When I was studying for something, I’d record the lecture/session and then listen to it during a walk or while doing cardio at the gym. Two birds, one stone!

  6. Every day, set a goal of at least 100 push ups on top of doing 20 in the morning, and 20 just before you go to bed. Same with body weight squats. Work up to push up variations (diamond push ups for your triceps are killer) and one legged squats.

    When you’re making a coffee, or waiting for something to print, do 10 push ups. Try and get to a point where you can do 100 in as few sets as possible throughout the day.

    ALWAYS take the stairs. Where possible, climb stairs two at a time, to increase resistance. If you are in an environment where you can, run up the stairs- try and do the flight as quickly as you can.

    Park some distance away from work/ school and run to and from your car in the morning.

    Don’t use your arms to help you get up, make sure it is always your core and your legs that do the work (it will be harder).

    When you’re sat in a chair, lift your feet off the floor and tense your abs for 10 seconds a time.

    If you need to be somewhere that is 2 miles away or less, walk.

    Plank as often as you can when you have to wait for something, if you don’t have any squats or push ups to do.

    If you are getting the bus, always catch it from the 5th bus stop away from you.

  7. This is a very common concern amongst the white collars. Exercising is something that should come naturally and should be part of your daily routine effortlessly. There is no other way than to just stop whining and just push yourself. Just get over the laziness.

    If the prospect of a gym sounds unappealing then my personal opinion will be to pick up a sport. Any sport like football, swimming, tennis, running etc. will do. They aren’t as monotonous as gyming and it’ll be much more enjoyable and hence easier to make it part of your routine. Even a short 30 min session is good enough on an alternate day basis.

  8. I’d suggest to commute by bike if you consider this as an option.

    And it doesn’t necessarily take you too much time for your daily excercise, 5 to 10 minutes intense morning home workout (you can do a nonstop combination of excercise e.g. burpee, squat, etc. ) would be enough to help you to start developing an exercising habit and keep you productive during the day. Alternatively I would suggest that you can take a 20 to 30 minutes running either in the morning or evening after work since you don’t need extra time to prepare and you can do it literally anywhere, anyhow it’s not that difficult to make 30 minuts out of your daily routine.

    And most importantly, don’t consider work out as a burden, it actually helps you relax.

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