Working out post-cov, any advice getting back to it?

Working out post-cov, any advice getting back to it?


Mid-30s powerlifter here. I caught the cov a month ago and it was rough. Did a workout a week after symptoms cleared and I was hella outta breath real quick! Did an easy session — squatted half my usual weights, slightly higher volume and I was huffing like crazy mid-set. Anyone else experienced this post-cov? Any advice on how to get back to lifting? I’m sitting here anxious af that I’ve lost most of my gains lol

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  1. That’s normal. It took me about 2 months to get back to normal . Each week got a little better. No issues with strength, just the cardio.

  2. Totally normal what you experienced. I did as well. I did less weight more reps with hold for about 2 weeks. It took like 5 for cardio breathing to resume to normal. Covid sucks. Never want it again.

  3. COVID-19 (coronavirus): Long-term effects are Fatigue, Shortness of breath, Cough, joint pain, chest pain etc.

    Light pranayama and morning walk is essential. For immunity buster; a Homeopathy medicine as Ecchinasia tincture should be used as ten drops twice a day in little water.

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  4. Each muscle takes a different recovery time. Also your not going max every workout ? So each time it will change. Simply put large muscle groups take longer to
    recover than small muscles . Typically your single type secondary muscles recover quicker as they aren’t getting blasted with your CNS . Chest legs back-large longer recovery. Tri,s bi’s traps . Shoulders as it’s a 3 headed beast right . Depending on how.long you have trained and at what capacity . Meaning lifestyle( mistakenly referred to as diet . NO BB is a lifestyle choice if wanting max gains. ) also depends on goals. BB ..PL… Model… ? Genetics ? Supps or juice? Juice only after a mi im 3 years solid training co.plete with Far too often now.i we these young kids signing up then looking for person with the knowledge. It’s downward spiral to injury false gains
    balls …. If you’ve been around a bit you see em. Usually within a short period very bloated greasy looming and pimply. Often don’t.believe or can’t afford PCT . So lil balls and.not understanding that they need to kick start their test production that has stoped while on a cycle. Basics 101 and very sad. I’ve tried to tell em as some have the heart but young and don’t believe. They see what they want and believe it’s attainable. Lol. Yeah 6 years training 5 k owing what I.was really doing. And perhaps a cycle or two . But lifestyle was peak ( nutrition rest training) isolated selfish and groceries ate how fkn much ? Lmao. For.most people 3 days a week to 4 is sufficient but lifestyle to max gains. If lifestyle is constantly cheating it will reflect on your body. The mirror doesn’t lie. So every other day for.90% of.people.who exercise and.a pretty good lifestyle. Minimum 8 hrs sleep. If.possible 10. Before bed eat a long lasting protein. Sometimes a hybrid. . And if going for it then waking and eating the back to sleep. Minimum 24 hrs for any muscle group to recover . Up to 72 for legs . So plan workouts accordingly. Try to train at the same time each day. Rhythm, get your body I a rhythm it responds. Some say not but your muscles grow due to demand. You workout — breaks down the muscle fibres. They repair bringing more of them so the next workout their ready . But your training a different body part so you want the repair process comete as.possible so your next muscles can do the same. Its as they say ..rinse and repeat. Lol. Learn feel and.look at your body . If possible do as little machine work as possible as it’s far too difficult to find the proper angles for body. Lengths of limbs everyone is different it’s impossible to have a machine to fit all sizes. Sorta like getting xxxxl clothing . Fkn bothersome as u have to try all the shit on. It’s all made different. So if your casual every other day . And plan body parts. Understand and know all the Writer Principle s. 5×5 training. 21’s. Etc. K is what I mean. Variety. Trick and.fool your.body. it’s smarter than you. . It’s quite funny. Feel . Feel . Feel. Every rep every step squat squeeze squish fast shit feel feel . You feel me brah. It’s purely scientific for.99% of us . 1% are genticLly gifted . Lifestyle. Feel. Like they say rest eat train rest eat train . Lol. Its a learning process Nd you need to feel your body. It Wil take 1 solid year generally(sometimes less) to feel etc you are actually doing. Then it begins … the real work. The first year you can eat shit train shit you will grow. . It won’t work the 2bd year. But in that year you will.learn and you Wil feel . Then it begins. Is full range of motion necessary? Or is time under tension the goal . Only you wi know as you will FEEL the.muscle with every rep. Remember ever single rep you want to be your best. Treat each I individual rep as individual as it is right . As exhaustion form form form creates the feel you need to be a BB otherwise you are a weightlifter. Do not worry about weight. Feel burn you want that lactic acid . It’s.not pain it’s burn. Feel . You Will find what works for you as you need as it’s crucial to development what your body is capable of. Your body I motìon. Also highly beneficial once a week do iso and.pylometric excersuse. Basically it’s posing with a twist. As that Will help with oxygen that’s needed when body in motion.Learn feel . Nobody can fuck up the 1stt year as anything u do u will grow. Then feel . Body in motion.

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