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Aloe Vera – Properties, Benefits and Weight Loss

The Aloe vera, also known as aloe or aloe, whose origin is in the Canary Islands and on the island of Madeira, has been considered since ancient times as a “miraculous plant”, because it alleviates health problems, and has been very cultivated by its medicinal and beauty components.

It is a very used plant in minor skin lesions, such as burns, mosquito bites, acne and to combat some hair problems, such as oily hair.

If you want to know all the properties of this plant and what can be useful, do not forget to read this information.

Aloe Vera Properties

Aloe Vera has the following properties:












Benefits of Aloe Vera

It acts as an anesthetic soothing all kinds of pains, especially muscles and joints, and reassuring nerves.

It also has a great bactericidal activity, it destroys many types of virus, it is fungicide, anti-inflammatory, antiparticle (stops the itching), highly nourishing (contains vitamins, minerals and sugars), dilates the capillaries increasing the circulation in the affected zone, it breaks down and destroys dead tissues (including pus), promotes normal cell growth (accelerating healing of sores and wounds), moisturizes tissues and is antipyretic (eliminating the sensation of heat in the sores , ulcers and inflammations).

What is Aloe vera for?

Internally, Aloe vera is used in the following cases:

To treat Heartburn,

For gastric ulcer,

For Gastritis,

For cholesterol

To fight constipation.

Aloe vera is used externally in the following cases:

Minor skin injuries such as cuts, frostbite, bruises, wounds, and dermatitis,

For insect bites,

For psoriasis,

For herpes,

For Burns,

In oral health, especially in the case of canker sores,

For Styes,

For acne and pimples,

To recover skin after epilation, both in laser and wax depilation,

For oily hair,

For nail care.

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Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an excellent cleanser and natural antiseptic because it contains at least six antiseptic agents (Lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamic acid, phenol and sulfur), which easily penetrates the skin and tissues (sometimes crossing seven different layers).

Side Effects of Aloe vera

Aloe Vera preparations can interact with certain medications such as diuretics, laxatives, antidiabetics, blood thinners, heart stimulants, and corticosteroids.


Contraindications of Aloe vera

The application of Aloe vera on the skin should not be done in case of deep or very extensive wounds, as it can even aggravate or prevent scarring.

It is also not recommended for use in patients with ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel or Crohn’s disease.

10 spectacular uses of Aloe vera

In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties that help you to end acne, aloe can also reduce the marks of the same, because it regenerates the skin.

Currently, Aloe vera is a vital ingredient in the preparation of different homemade remedies, either administered orally or applied to the skin. Here are some of those uses that you can give.

  1. Remedies for Skin

One of the most special uses of this natural product is the care of the skin, either by burns, or for the improvement of the scars, because the gel that contains significantly accelerates the healing process by improving the circulation of the blood around the wound.

It also serves a good function when it comes to protecting against UV rays. You can apply a cream of aloe minutes before you expose yourself to the sun to protect you.

  1. Relieves constipation

The latex of Aloe vera is recommended to induce diarrhea, making purgative in order to do an intestinal cleaning. It is recommended that it not be done very often, because with a frequent use it loses its effect in the intestine.

  1. Alleviates mouth problems

Aloe Vera pulp allows you to soothe sores, gingivitis or estamatistis in simple steps: just crush it and pour it in your mouth. You gotta make sure I know he’s making contact with the wound.

  1. Combats the problems of the colon

If you suffer from the colon we have a recipe that will help you to reduce the discomfort and heartburn; It consists of a mixture of honey of bees, orange juice, a tablespoon of aloe vera juice and a glass of water. Take it daily in fasting for better results.

  1. Helps prevent acne

Thanks to the aloe Vera possesses anti-inflammatory properties is a good ingredient against acne. Gather a soap, cream and lotion that contains aloe Vera and use during the morning and night, this will serve not only the grains, but also to control the amount of fat that accumulates in your face. You can also use a gel with aloe vera on the grains to decrease the swelling.

You can also apply aloe gel to the areas where you had acne to soften and regenerate the skin.

  1. Helps the disappearance of cellulite

Since Aloe vera has high benefits at Dermatolólogico level, its use against cellulite is common, it is clear that it is not a blunt remedy, because you need to exercise, take a balanced diet and massage your legs regularly.

  1. It is beneficial for your hair

As in the skin, the aloe Vera acts in the hair as sunscreen, taking care of the scalp of the UV rays, it also protects it from the daily inclemency such as drying and straightening, rain, fat and dryness, making it more shiny and silky.

  1. Eliminates dandruff

When you wash your hair with aloe vera it releases the dandruff of the skin, so that you only need to brush your hair to eliminate dandruff in its entirety. Repeat it a few times and you will see that the result is resounding.

  1. It is an excellent relaxing

Aloe Vera has numbing properties that relax the muscles of the head, when you wash your hair give a good massage on the scalp to achieve a desdestresante effect.

  1. helps you lose weight

Being a plant with depurative properties, Aloe vera is a good help to lose weight. When mixed with lemon we will obtain the Depurative property along with the detoxifying properties. This is why we recommend a lot of a blend with these ingredients as follows:

1 medium sheet of aloe, in pieces with the thorns already removed

1 tablespoon honey

The juice of a lemon

When the ingredients are pasted and passed through the sieve, take it when you first get up to make a digestion time until you have breakfast; For better effects It also has a healthy diet and a workout routine of at least three days a week.

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