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Max Synapse Reviews | A Shocking Brain Pill For Success !!!

Do you often have lapses in judgement and memory?  Even little things like forgetting where you put your keys or what you were going to do next?  This is a sign of the natural process of aging and cognitive decline.  Starting in your early 30’s this starts to become much more common and you find yourself slipping and forgetting things like important meetings, family birthdays or deadlines.  This can be embarrassing or you simply brush it off as a simple mistake, but its really not.  This is a serious issue and have no fear there is an all-natural supplement designed to improve your brain functioning, give you unparalleled focus and concentration and improve your cognitive reasoning.

Max Synpase

This supplement is called Max Synapse Brain Formula and it has helped thousands of people get their lives back on track and becoming more efficient and focused.  Learn how this product will give you your memory and cognitive functioning back and boost them.  You can now claim a free trial bottle of Max Synapse Brain Formula today!  Improve your life now and don’t waste another day living like this!

When I saw my daughter getting too much stress because of her SAT scores and exams, I was so terrified. These kids take so much stress really! But when I consulted with a psychologist friend of mine, she suggested that I give her Max Synapse Brain Formula. Now, Miley, my daughter is having less memory problems and is so happy and positive.

What is it?

Max Synapse is a dietary supplement that improves memory health and makes the user remember information for longer. Actually due to excessive information, the mind often ends up getting too much stress and mix up info because of which information is lost. But with healthy nutrition to the brain and body, this can be changed and this is what this product claims to do.

How Does Max Synapse Brain Formula Improve My Mind?

From the first day you take Max Synapse Brain Formula you will notice a massive difference.  Harness the power of your brain and memory by being able to concentrate and focus at superhuman levels.  You will become more productive and have insane cognitive abilities.

It is composed of a proprietary blend of natural and clinically tested ingredients such as St. Johns Wort, Acetyl L-Carnitine, DMAE, L-Glutamine, Ginko Balboa, Vinpocitine, and Bacopin!  This formula is designed to increase circulation in your brain.  Ginko Balboa is known to increase your mental alertness, while L-Glutamine works to combat stress and raise your energy levels!

Impress your co-workers and boss with your increased performance and cognitive abilities.  You will be able to lock in on the task at hand and remember all your important deadlines and dates!  Never miss an anniversary or birthday again.  Your memory and production will improve tenfold!

With the increase in oxygen and nutrients to your brain you will feel much more refreshed and energetic.  You will restore a sense of vigor and power you had when you were younger.  With Max Synapse Brain Formula you will harness your potential to become a valuable employee with an elite mind!


Gingko Biloba

It is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Improves cognitive problems caused by age.
Helps to combat concentration problems in young people
Helps to improve the painful response to cold especially in the fingers and toes (Raynaud’s syndrome)
Improves blood circulation (claudication, peripheral vascular disease)
Improves sexual dysfunction
Combats Vertigo and dizziness


L-Glutamine is an amino acid found in proteins of all forms of life. It is considered a conditionally essential amino acid, which means that under certain circumstances the organism can synthesize enough L-glutamine to cover the physiological demand. At times, however, the agency cannot do this work.

Recent research confirmed that L-Glutamine is considered one of the most important amino acids when the body is subjected to situations of metabolic stress, in the case of trauma, cancer, sepsis and burns. It is therefore essential to ensure the contribution of this amino acid in sufficient quantities to cover its physiological demand. It helps in the following cases:






GABA is a non-essential amino acid that concentrates primarily on the brain, and has anticonvulsant and relaxing effects. This amino acid is involved in essential processes of the organism, and its lack is related to different pathologies.

Can benefit from taking GABA

Those who suffer anxiety.

Depressed people.

Athletes who want to boost their muscles.

Those who suffer from panic attacks.

People with difficulty in having a repairing dream.

Those who suffer from epilepsy.

People with high blood pressure.

Those who follow a diet to lose weight.

Parkinson’s patients.

Vitamin B6

Helps maintain normal neurological function and good brain functioning

Vitamin B12

One of the main benefit of vitamin B12 is that it helps maintain a healthy brain, even recent studies have been recognized that have accredited the ability to help prevent and even treat Alzheimer’s.


It helps in boosting memory and increases the learning curve.


Mexico, like several countries around the world, has a deep knowledge of natural medicine; It has now become an option to deal with some of the “modern” diseases that afflict the majority. Example is the Bacopa, which among its properties is to control anxiety.

Bacopa leaf extract (Bacopa monnieri) is called Brahmi in Ayurvedic medicine and is widely used in India in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, mental disorders, digestive and heart problems.

Although the plant is not so well known in the country, the properties of Bacopa are widely studied. That’s why we offer some of your health benefits.


An investigation by the Department of Psychology at the University of Wollongong in Australia suggests that consumption of bacopa has positive effects on learning, as it decreases the rate of forgetfulness of newly acquired information, which is located in short-term visual and verbal memory.

You learn faster

A study presented at the International Conference on Brain Research shows that long-term consumption of bacopa could improve learning times by almost 50%.


According to Cathy Wong, a nutrition expert, Bacopa can help modify the activity of certain enzymes involved in the response to stress; Decreasing the effect of this emotion on the body.


An article by experts indicates that Bacopa could fight Alzheimer’s disease. This is due to the antioxidants present in the plant, which help to suppress oxidative stress (a destructive process that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease).


In the research of the Department of Psychology of the University of Wollongong, it is pointed out that 12 weeks of treatment with Bacopa (at a dose of 300 milligrams per day) significantly improves the state of anxiety and the heart rate.

Max Synpase

Does Max Synapse Work?

As mentioned above, it helps the brain in retaining information for longer periods. The brain doesn’t lose the information, only sends it to the subconscious part where it gets lost. The Max Synapse supplement provides right nourishment to brain and helps in management of stress which it curbs via L-Glutamine supplementation. It also helps the brain cells in getting active and retaining enough energy so that the brain can concentrate for longer.

Benefits of Using Max Synapse Brain Formula:

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Clinically tested and guaranteed to work!
  • Rushes nutrients and oxygen to brain!
  • Improves memory and cognitive functioning!
  • Gives you enhanced energy and focus!

What Results Do you Get with Regular Supplementation?

  1. Better mental capacity
  2. Healthier ability to concentrate for longer duration
  3. Improved memory
  4. Better mood, less stress

When Do you get the Results?

It doesn’t take much time but the supplementation needs to be regular and for at least a period of 3 weeks.

Why Do I Recommend it?

As I said before, my daughter Miley has severe memory issues. Actually, I had gotten her diagnosed for ADD but the diagnosis came negative and she was normal. It was just that her memory capacity was a bit off than usual. Well, it’s our hectic lives to blame…There is just too much pressure on kids these days. So, on my psychologist friend’s suggestion, I started giving her this amazing brain formula and honestly, I saw results within a month! She is only getting better. Even, her teachers at school said that she is now much more attentive! In fact, not just my daughter but my husband is also getting best results with it. He never forges his car keys or wallet anymore.


I would suggest that you don’t self-diagnose your memory issue and take this supplement as a medication only after right consultation from your doctor. Under 18 people should also stay away along with those who have severe medical issue.

Nootropics go by different names – some call them memory enhancers; others dub them as smart drugs; and the list of names goes on. But one thing these intelligence enhancers and functional foods have in common is that they improve different aspects of mental function.

Many nootropics claim to enhance motivation, focus, and working memory – and one of the latest entries in the space is Max Synapse.

Max Synapse’s mission: “To help you optimize your productivity and efficiency without relying on excess caffeine and prescription medication.” It sounds really nice, but does Max Synapse really deliver?

What is Nootropic?

For centuries man has tried to optimize his overall performance in many different ways. Being healthy, both physically and mentally, is essential to maintain overall well-being, but is there a way to help nature? Looking for answers to this question, science has come up with the concept of nootropics. By definition, a nootropic is any natural or artificial substance that helps to enhance intelligence or improve one or more aspects of mental function. Also known as memory enhancers, smart drugs, neuro or cognitive enhancers, nootropics cover a wide range of substances, such as supplements, drugs, functional foods and nutraceuticals. What all these substances share in common is their ability to boost mental activity. A nootropic drug generally belongs to two major groups: those agents aimed at helping attention focus and on the other hand, substances that help people develop maximum retention, and boost memory. However, it should be pointed out that not all nootropics are synthetic drugs. In fact, as was mentioned earlier, many nootropics fall under the category of nutraceuticals, like Ginkgo biloba, ginseng or isofavlones. Other such categories include racetams, such as pramiracetam, oxiracetam, coluracetam, and aniracetam. These chemical compounds have become popular in recent years and are generally sold over the counter as cognitive enhancers, as well.

What goals you can achieve with nootropic supplements

People resort to Nootropics for many different reasons. There are however, three major goals that can be achieved through the use of these substances.

Academic Achievement: 

The most common type of substance used to enhance academic achievement falls under the category of stimulants. Amphetamines, Methylphenidate, Eugeroics, Xanthines and Nicotine are the most widely sought-after type of stimulants. It must be noted though, that all these substances trigger different effects. Amphetamines and xanthines for instance, have been shown to improve performance increase alertness, especially in repetitive or tedious tasks. Methylphenidate on the other hand, has been reported to improve working memory and cognitive control. Similarly, amphetamines, such as Adderall are beneficial for cognitive control and attention focus, especially in young patients with ADD or ADHD.

Improved Memory:

Over history, many different substances have been used to improve memory. Caffeine, natural herbs, like bacopa monnieri or panax gingseng, isoflavones and other substances have been known to enhance one or various aspects of memory. Even when the concept of “memory” is rather complex, a summary of some of the most outstanding mental functions involved would include: working memory, accuracy of memory and long-term retention. As for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, these past years have seen an increase in the use of nootropics to treat the condition. These agents have been shown to be powerful to facilitate those cognitive functions that deteriorate with aging. The effect is not miraculous in any way. Nonetheless, cellular decay can be significantly slowed with the help of nootropics.

Alertness, Attention and Motivation: 

One of the most cherished of mental functions is the ability to stay alert and focus on what is essential. Whether you are studying, working, or carrying out repetitive tasks, such as driving; increased alertness can make all the difference. Certain substances, like caffeine and nicotine, prescription drugs, like Ritalin or Adderall can help to increase alertness and minimize distraction

Side Effects of Nootropic

There is a side effect alert involved in the use of any kind of drug and nootropics are no exception. While there are many different side effects associated with the use of cognitive enhancers, not all of them have been thoroughly documented or deeply researched. In fact, long-term data regarding safety is usually not available for several types of nootropics, especially those that fall under the category of non-pharmaceutical cognitive enhancers, OTC supplements and newly developed pharmaceuticals with short therapeutic use. The most frequently reported side effect is headache. Typically linked with the use of the Racetam type of drugs, headaches can be a serious downside. Other reported side effects involve stomach and GI tract discomfort. Some patients claim to have felt an increase in bowel mobility, plus some nausea or GI pains. These types of effects have reported to happen at the beginning of a treatment with nootropics or when the dose is somewhat larger than usual. Another side effect typically associated with certain substances that promote alertness and energy levels is fatigue. For some reason, some people experience a downfall in their level of energy, after the neurotropic effect has gone by. Insomnia is another unwanted effect that can be easily prevented by not taking the supplement near bedtime.

Max Synpase

Where to Buy?

Max Synapse Brain Formula can be ordered online from its official website. If you have seen signs your memory is decreasing lately as you age you need to hop on this offer!  Become a boss at work and just as efficient if not more productive than younger employees!  Show your worth and enhance your mind with Max Synapse Brain Formula.  Rush order your FREE trial bottle today!

How Much Will it Cost?

For the Trial offer of Max Synapse you will have to pay only for Shipping and Handling.  For the other buying options Max Synapse official website is offering 3 different packages on more quantity less price basis.  Check these options by visiting the official website.

Max Synapse on Amazon

You can not find Max Synapse on amazon as the official website is supplying the product directly for quality control purpose.

Does Max Synapse Cause Any Side Effects?

Max Synapse is completely safe.  As we can see in the ingredient section all the ingredients in the formulation of this supplement are natural and only produces benefits.

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